Susan Strachan Johnson, Artist and Teacher


Susan’s work is informed by nature and the landscape around her home in Everton, Ontario. She works with recycled and distressed fibres, paper and textile combinations and found objects. She also paints and dyes most of her own materials.

Except for the thread that holds it together, the mixed media painting illustrated has been made entirely with recycled materials, and the denim jeans on which it is stitched were worn by the late Ken Danby. Ken was a good friend. Susan and Ken fought an environmental battle that defeated a landfill proposal in the Speed River watershed. But while the river was saved in that instance, we must never become complacent about our water supply, or let our rivers become littered with garbage.

In August 2012, the World of Threads Festival interviewed Susan online, read the complete interview and view examples of Susan’s work.

Susan has also been pursuing a life-long interest — how music can inspire any art form. For examples of this work, go to Festival Anniversary Quilt Blogspot and for information about workshops on how to help you with this process, contact the artist.

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