Susan Strachan Johnson, Artist and Teacher

Affairs of the Heart — A Journey

Affairs of the Heart is best seen as one work, not a series of works. Each element is part of a healing and exploration, and comments from the visitors show that for many of them it was also a cathartic experience.

Susan had no idea what caused the sudden onset of congestive heart disease. All she did know was that her father died from something similar and she likely inherited it. It came on suddenly and from nowhere; thanks to medical intervention, an implanted cardiac device and medication, she has returned to normal life.

“The heart is the place where love resides, if you believe the poets,” Susan says. “I do know what it is like to be sick at heart, (when I have had to move from a happy home, or have lost a close friend). I do know what a broken heart feels like — it actually hurts physically. I do know what it feels like when my heart jumps for joy at receiving ecstatically good news. So I want to explore some of these ideas through my art, and maybe I will come close to understanding why my heart isn’t working as well as it used to, and what I can do about it.”

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